As early adopters of Flokichain, we plan to introduce several valuable use cases, including our own cryptocurrency wallet. Additionally, we will be the first to integrate NLP (natural language processing” technology into our Flokirium scan. For more information, see below and join our Telegram group.

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About Flokirium

Flokirium is the first adopter of the Flokichain establishing a lot of useful Usecases such as Flokirium Scan and its own Crypto Wallet.

Created with a lot of love and time, we offer a safe haven for our holders, because the space needs a change again. Maximum security and every earned cent goes back into the project and the community.

With full focus on development, together we will achieve our goals of being the first and the best.

One of our absolute highlights will be the integration of NLP ( Natural language processing) into our Flokirium scan. Ask the blockchain anything you like and it will respond with the desired answer.

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Our Tokenomics

In order to successfully keep a project on track, it is important to have thoughtful tokenomics to ensure satisfaction on investors and developers side.

Here you will find an overview of the most important points:

- Total Supply: 1,000,000

- Initial Supply: 850,000

- Buy Tax: 0%

- Sell Tax: 6%

- Max Wallet: 20,000 (2%)

- Max Transaction: 20,000 (2%)

- Liquidity Lock Time: 6 Months

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  • Marketing Fee

    4% on every Sell goes into the Marketing Wallet to ensure consistant growth of our Community

  • Development Fee

    2% of every Sell goes into the Development Wallet to ensure highly skilled development is ongoing

  • Max Wallet Limit

    To ensure there are no larger whales to manipulate the chart there is a 2% limit on Wallet holding

  • Max Transaction

    To ensure people take reasonable profits there is a 2% cap on each transaction.

Flokirium V1 Roadmap

Phase 01

Launch of the Website

- Design and development of the Flokirium website

Phase 02

Building the Flokirium Community

- Creation of a community platform for users to engage with each other
- Launch of community-based activities and competitions
- Expansion of the Flokirium community

Phase 03

Implementation of Heavy Marketing Plans

- - Launch of a comprehensive marketing plan including digital marketing, PR campaigns, and events
- Increased awareness and attraction of new users

Phase 04

Development of the Flokichain

- Design and implementation of the Flokichain blockchain technology
- Integration of the Flokichain with the Floki Wallet
- Testing and security auditing of the Flokichain

Phase 05

Development of the Flokiscan

- Design and implementation of the Flokiscan tool
- Integration of NLP artificial intelligence
- Testing and security auditing of the Flokiscan

Phase 06

Creation of the Floki Wallet

- Development of the Floki Wallet cryptocurrency wallet
- Integration of the Floki Wallet with the Flokichain
- Testing and security auditing of the Floki Wallet

Phase 07

Listing on Top Tier Exchanges

- Listing of the Flokirium platform on top tier exchanges

Phase 08

Continuous Monitoring and improvement

- Ongoing monitoring and evaluation of the Flokirium platform